Simple Camping Essentials;

When you decide to take a trip to the great outdoors, you want to make sure you have the essentials to make your trip a complete success. This obviously won’t be everything you need, but it’s a real good start.

These are the important categories:

  1. Tent, or some kind of covering
  2. Sleeping gear
  3. Tools
  4. Food and water
  5. Toiletries
  6. Clothing


Tents are a complete blog on its own, but you need to have at least a small tent or a tarp to give you some cover. Most Tents are sold by the number of people that can sleep inside, but I will tell you that unless you are sleeping with your spouse and you want extra closeness, don’t believe those numbers. If the tent you are looking at says “sleeps 6”, it won’t. Add at least enough space to sleep 8, if you want to be comfortable.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping gear like sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, cots, etc., are just as important as the size of your tent. I’m totally spoiled because I want a large, blow up mattress and lots of sleeping bags and pillows for my tent. But if you are doing your first overnight in the great outdoors, you can use a good sleeping bag and a small air mattress to start. There are some great one-person sleep cots which are just like tents, that are off the ground. This can be very important depending on where you are going to camp.


Tools like an air pump that is battery operated, lanterns, a cook-stove or a single burner, flashlights, pots or pans, dishes or all in one camp cook kits, soap, a coffee pot, utensils, a few feet of rope, and a roll of duct tape are absolutely essential. You will also need at least a screwdriver, both flat and Phillips head, a pair of pliers and a few feet of rope are important. I could add a lot more, but I think I will make each one of these a separate blog, so I can really cover what I have found to be musts for camping comfortably. Don’t forget a good cooler to keep your food and ice chilled. Oh ya, you’ll need a small axe to chop wood for the fire. Man, I can smell that oak burning right now. Wish I was there.

 Food & Water

You need at least a gallon of water per person per day. Don’t scrimp on water, it’s very important plus, you’ll need extra for washing dishes, coffee, washing up etc. I’ve found if you make your dinners ahead of time and keep them in a cooking bag and keep them in your cooler, it makes it easier to make meals in the wild. You can do the same thing with breakfast and lunch and then all you need to take with you is one pan and a coffee pot. It makes packing a lot easier.


This really is a personal category, depending on whether you are a man or a woman, but you do need to take some things either way. If you are on any medicine, make sure you take your medication with you and I know it takes up extra space but take them in their original bottles. If something happens and you run across the authorities, you will need to have them in their original bottles to prove they are your scripts. If you are going to be camping for more than a day, you will need to take things like shampoo, deodorant, bath soap, etc. A small mirror is also nice to have a long. A good First Aid Kit is mandatory


This depends on the time of year, the location where you are camping, the weather, and how long you will be out there.  You want to have clothing for both hot and cool weather. I’ve been in the mountains in mid-summer and had a large rain storm come on and the temp drop 20˚ in a couple of hours. So, make sure you have Jackets and long sleeves as well as hot weather gear. You’ll need to dress in layers. It’s a lot easier to take cloths off if the temp goes up. Also, you do need to have a good pair of camp boots and good socks for your feet. Even in the summer, a good pair of boots is paramount.  Also, I recommend a lightweight rain slicker, you know, like the yellow ones the cops wear.

Well, tootles till next time.


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